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“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than the ones you did do.”

Mark Twain


Retirement is widely acknowledged as one of life’s most significant transitions.

Most people plan for decades to address the financial side, but most do not have a plan for the non-financial facets of retirement. The challenges that come with retirement affect your sense of who you are and what you want to become in your next chapter, your relationships and connection to others, and your cognitive and physical health.

Without an intentional and purposeful plan, it is easy to fall into the dark side of retirement, becoming bored or depressed, feeling isolated with less social interaction and not having the extra desire or motivation to work out or travel.

You have wisdom, skills, experience, and energy. Just because you are no longer working, doesn’t mean you “retire” those attributes. Instead, you redirect them and engage your head, heart, and hands to create a plan for a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Retirement coaching will take you through a written, proven process to navigate beyond the dollars and cents. As a result, you will replace your work identity, effectively allocate your time and resources, stay relevant and connected, as well as remain mentally and physically active.



After an initial conversation to confirm expectations and answer questions about the coaching service, we will meet (virtually and/or in person) six times for a total of approximately eight to ten hours. As preparation for each session, you will have assessments and/or exercises to complete that will guide our conversations and discoveries.

We will arrange a follow-up session sixty to ninety days after our final meeting to review the execution of your retirement plan and address any issues or concerns.


The foundation for the overall process begins with the Retirement Intelligence Assessment. This is a comprehensive measure of retirement readiness providing insight and context for transitioning current thoughts, feelings, and behaviors into a new retirement reality.

We will use additional exercises, worksheets, and tools over the course of our time together that personalize your coaching sessions.


The successful development of your plan is directly dependent on you setting aside sufficient time for homework and deep reflection between sessions.  As well, a willingness to think about relationships or goals you may have taken for granted or to consider situations from a different perspective will assist you to gain new insights.

Your reflection and responses to the assessments and exercises will lead us to the development of a final, written plan.




Individuals & Couples

Traditional retirement age and cultural portrayal of retirees is an outdated relic of the 20th century. Today, there is an extended middle age. 75 is the new 60.  And 65 is the new 50!

  • I work with both individuals and couples
  • We will map and navigate the transition from work-life to your next life phase
  • Retirement coaching is an investment in yourself
  • Combine elements of connection, engagement, purpose, and meaning in life to create an environment in which you will thrive.

Financial Advisors

Financial advisors know their industry is evolving. Clients are expecting broader, enhanced service offerings.

  • The current retiring generation faces unique transition challenges
  • The non-financial aspects of retirement should be addressed
  • Offering transition coaching deepens client relationships and loyalty as well as differentiates your services from other firms
  • I can serve as a consultant or staff extension to provide a process for creating a vision and a plan


You have a rich benefits program. And you often provide an outplacement package for employees during downturns.  You know money is not the only benefit valued by employees.

  • Valued, long-term, retiring employees deserve a process for creating a vision and a plan that will prepare them for a post-paycheck life and purpose-filled retirement
  • C-suite retirees can face significant challenges transitioning from the corporate identity
  • I can support the evolution in Total Comp that includes non-financial consulting which enhances existing financial wellness programs


Lisa Fanto
Owner & Founder

For twenty-five of my forty years in business, I guided large corporations at a C-suite level achieving a reputation as a trusted advisor, effective communicator, and decisive leader.

As a partner and Senior Officer of Human Capital serving multiple industries, I had full-scope HR and Corporate Communications management responsibilities. My goals were driving productivity and business value with growth and change management initiatives, leadership development, culture and engagement enhancements, and succession planning.

I was fortunate to have had an eighteen-month transition to my retirement. That time required me to inventory my years of experience and accumulated wisdom which I shared with my successor. Equally important, it allowed me to take those capabilities and apply them to the discipline of retirement coaching.

My formal professional training and research, multiple assessment certifications, previous C level experience, as well as my own retirement journey, has given me a robust perspective on life, work, and happiness.

I am pleased to share my knowledge and qualifications to help you create a purposeful and successful “post career” life engaging your Head, Heart, and Hands.

  • Certified Professional Retirement Coach
  • Member of the Retirement Coaches Association
  • Member of Life Planning Network
  • Certified EQ-I v2.0/EQ 360 Coach
  • DISC Facilitator and Coach

“True navigation begins in the human heart.
It’s the most important map of all.”

Elizabeth Kapu’uwailani Lindsey


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I am located in Atlanta and St. Simons Island, Georgia, and work with clients throughout the United States.

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